This unspoilt village stands at the gates of Lacock Abbey.

There was a settlement here before Saxon times but Lacock first became important in the Middle Ages when a planned village was established for the estate workers of the abbey in the 13th century.

From the 14th to the 18th Century the wool trade brought wealth to the village and the weekly market set up by Ela Countess of Salisbury, the founder of the abbey, added to its prosperity.

Lacock's location was ideal to take full advantage of this trade. The village is a day's journey from the fine grazing lands on the Cotswolds and Marlborough Downs, it is a staging post on the road connecting the wool trade centres in the West Country and has access to the sea via the River Avon.

The wool trade reached its height in the late Middle Ages but on its decline Lacock continued to prosper due to its position on the route between Marlborough and Bristol. Lacock, with its many inns, thrived as a staging post until the mid-18th Century.

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