We aim to meet the needs of all our guests but there are some features at our Bed and Breakfast which may make access difficult for some.

We are in a quiet corner of the National Trust village of Lacock with beautiful views of the church from all our windows. Parking is no problem as there is plenty of space in front of the house in a large gravel yard. There is no kerb and there is rear access to your car once you have parked. It is a walk of  approx. 15 metres, along a flagstone path to the front door with only one step down. 
We will always help with your luggage if you need us, just ask. The yard can be dark at night, but the path and front door are well lit. We like to keep the front door always locked for safety reasons but just ring the bell and someone will soon be there to welcome you in. On entering the door there is a threshold to step over of 10cm. Some doorways are fairly low for the taller person. Seating is available in the entrance and we ask guests to fill in a form giving their names and addresses. The entrance has a mat for feet which is anti slip and especially safe for such places. The wooden floor has a special anti slip finish though it appears to be highly polished.           > more

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